The Right Technician Is A Licensed Technician
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The Right Technician Is A Licensed Technician
Made In China Toy & Kid Car Ride-On Vehicles

Our "Flat-Fee*" Mobile Repair Service
Includes pickup, labor and return delivery.
Call 702-568-0001 for an Appointment. No Pickup and No Delivery After Dark.

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Flat Rate Mobile Repair:
A flat rate mobile repair includes pickup, labor and return delivery at your location. The flat rate repair prices reflect service only; parts, cosmetic restoration or shipping expenses are not included. Labor consists of returning a unit to the manufacturer's original specifications, repairing or replacing defective parts when necessary, and performing hardware or firmware modifications when required

No Hidden Costs - Mobile Repair:
You will be contacted if any repair is more than the flat rate price. Some services may vary with the product type and the related cost may vary accordingly. When you contact us for service, we will let you know if and when the variation may apply to you.

Service Warranty - Mobile & Carry-In Repair:
After repair, your unit is calibrated to original factory specifications and is warranted against defects and workmanship of items repaired for 90 days. Disposable items such as fuses, lamps, non-rechargeable batteries, etc., are not warranted.

The Product Is Not Worth Repairing - Mobile & Carry-In Repair:
If during service, hidden problems or expensive parts are found to be required that would cause the final bill to exceed the replacement value of the product, your only responsibility will be reduced to the cost of a trip charge and/or bench charge.

Carry-In Repair.
SAVE MONEY! Avoid the “Trip Charge” (pickup and return delivery). Pay for parts, labor, shipping expenses and tax. Meet us in North Las Vegas at 89081

Recalls - Mobile & Carry-In Repair:
What if things go wrong during the 90 day warranty period?
What if the new problem is different from the original problem?
What if you broke something?
What if anything?
OUR FIX IS FREE: We charge only for the additional parts.

Warranty Work - Carry-In:
Bring proof of purchase, charger and all parts.

Non-Warranty Work - Carry-In:
Bring charger, all parts and a deposit.
[Kid Stuff: $35 => $60 or Adult products: $60 => $90]
E-Z Scooter Is A Mobile Repair Service
Flat-Fee* Mobile Repair Service Includes
Pickup, Labor and Return Delivery.

Repairs are not done in the home!
We Repair All Brands Of Battery Mobility Products

There are two (2) service options:

1. Home Visit Flat Fee* per Repair from 89081 location.
Trip Charge Includes Flat Rate Labor (Up to $90), Travel, Pickup & Return Delivery. Cost of Parts, Freight and Tax not included.
Up to 4.9 miles - $149, Up to 9.9 miles - $165, Up to 14.9 miles - $175, Up to 19.9 miles - $225, Up to 29.9 miles - $275
[*Tedious, Mutilated and/or previously worked on units are subject to additional labor costs.]

2. Carry-In Repair. SAVE MONEY!
Avoid the “Trip Charge” (pickup and return delivery).
Meet us in North Las Vegas. Pay only for parts, labor, shipping expenses and tax.
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